Saint Julia, who may/may not have been a spy….

Whoa, we’ve got a ton of new, awesome items in the store. Our absolute favorite thing we’ve recently gotten in is a Saint Julia prayer candle. Did you know Julia Child is the patron saint of gourmet cooking? Yup. Totally rad. This candle is handmade by our friend Veronica up in Astoria. In addition to having some excellent Julia-isms on the back (“Life itself is the proper binge”), it also comes complete with a recipe for Miss Child’s famous Brioche. It is the perfect item for your windowsill, and a perfect gift for your favorite foodie. Check it out! (Kari is, sadly, not for sale, but will be more than happy to accompany you to Per Se, as long as you’re payin’!)

Kari and the candle!

Also in are RHUBARB bitters from Fee Brothers. Oh, hell yes. It’s amazing with some strawberry-infused vodka and cointreau, and perfect for chasing these late-winter blues away. In addition to the Rhubarb, we’ve also got the orange back in stock.

16 thoughts on “Saint Julia, who may/may not have been a spy….

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  3. I would like to buy 5 of the Julia Child candles. IS this possible? And how do I put in an order?

  4. Just received a Julia candle in the mail and gave it to my mom for Christmas, she love it! Such a cool gift, Thanks Whisk!!

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