8oz Sterno Butane Fuel

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    • TSV safety shuts off the flame if the stove is being misused or overheats
    • Temperature sensing valve and rim vent release technology
    • Great for use with all Sterno butane appliances
    • Provides up to 4 hours of burn time
    Perfect for countertop portable ranges and cooking torches, this butane fuel refill is great to use for putting on the finishing touches on the most delicate caramelized desserts with a cooking torch! Best of all, this Sterno refill takes safety to a whole new level in comparison to standard refill cans. It has two innovative safety features that ultimately protect employees and customers from potential accidents while it's in use.
    This special butane fuel canister features a unique dual safety system to promote safer, on-the-go cooking. Its TSV, or temperature sensing valve, safely shuts off the flame if a butane stove is being misused or is overheating the valve. Its RVR, or rim vent release, protects unused cans from over-pressurizing.


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