Grill Starter Charcoal Chimney

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  • For the all-natural barbecue... No more lighter fluid odors or taste on your mouth watering steak. Crumpled newspaper, charcoal and a light are all you need. Allow the smoky charcoal to marinate with your meat, not lighter fluid. With a 5 pound capacity, this heavy-duty grill starter is safe and effective. A wood handle and heat shield protect your hands from the heat. The chimney grill starter is perfect for the griller who cares about taste.

    To use a charcoal chimney, simply stuff ripped, crumpled newspaper or brown paper bags into the bottom chamber. Then fill the upper chamber with charcoal. When you light the paper, the design of the chimney will pull the flames up through the charcoal. In about 15 minutes it’ll be ready to use. It really is that simple!

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