11" Black Carbon Steel Frying Pan

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  • Celebrated by chefs everywhere, carbon steel provides exceptional browning and searing, weighs a fraction of cast iron, is more heat responsive than cast iron for faster, more even heating and, best of all, gets better with each use! The size of the pan is 12" in diameter, with the handle it measures 20" in length and the pan is 2.25" high. Suitable for induction cooktops. 

    Every time you use these remarkable skillets, they become darker, forming a layer of patina, which naturally improves their durability and nonstick properties—they’re virtually indestructible. Bk Black steel is tough, lightweight and winner of the 2019 Red dot award for design. Three times denser than aluminum, Hot-Rolled Black steel is even stronger and more Durable than traditional gray carbon steel, and with a thickness of 2mm, these skillets were made to conduct heat incredibly well and last for generations.
    They’re are extremely resistant to corrosion, damage and stains thanks to a high-temperature Black iron oxide layer and are safe for use with metal utensils. Their coated cast iron handles are securely attached with rivets and shaped for comfort. Bk Black steel is naturally pre-seasoned with oil during the production process.

    This cookware ships with a thin silicone wax coating that's much easier to remove than a thick layer of beeswax or grease, so it's ready to use after a quick wash with soap.
    Cleaning is as simple pouring on hot water, wiping, then drying.

    Bk has a rich history of innovation. In 1851, coppersmith Hendrik Berk of kampen, Holland, was commissioned by local inhabitants and businesses to make milk churns, pots, pans and other cooking utensils. Forty years later, he added a protective layer of enamel to his steel pans and tins and introduced the world to the first enameled steel Dutch oven. This laid the foundation for bk, which continues to bring high quality and innovative engineering to their approach to cookware. Bk’s crowning achievement came in 1951 when Queen Juliana awarded them the royal predicate—a title awarded only to organizations that hold a prominent position in their field.


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