10oz Rectangular Cast Iron Mini Server

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  • Details
    • Perfect for cooking and serving individual portions of vegetables, sides, and desserts
    • Provides unparalleled heat retention and even heating; includes 2 loop handles for easy transporting
    • Boasts 2 loop handles and offers unparalleled heat retention and even heating
    • FDA approved pre-seasoned cast iron allows for immediate use

    This premium mini rectangular casserole dish is perfect for preparing individual servings of your most popular appetizers, sides, and even desserts. From cheesy dip to molten chocolate desserts, this dish is designed to expertly prepare your signature dishes. Use it to make a melty lobster macaroni and cheese or a fluffy breakfast frittata. Its sturdy construction is ideal for oven-to-table applications, and thanks to its undeniable durability, it's sure to offer long-lasting use in your kitchen.

    Thanks to the pre-seasoned, easy-release design, the dish can be used immediately without the hassle or worry of food sticking to the surface. The pre-seasoning is made of a pure vegetable oil coating that has been SGS tested and FDA approved. Not only does it allow you to cook healthier dishes without excess butter or cooking sprays, it promotes simple cleaning once your offerings have been prepared.

    Thanks to the durable cast iron construction, this dish distributes heat evenly and provides excellent heat retention. The even heating helps to prevent hot spots, providing a consistent final product to keep customers coming back for more!




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