9" Rice Paddle

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  • Scoop, stir, and serve rice with this handy 9" bamboo rice paddle! Compared to a standard serving spoon, this versatile product is designed for easier handling of rice and easier scooping from rice cookers and warmers. The bamboo material can also be used for stir fry cooking and mixing vinegar into rice for sushi. Also called "Shamoji," rice paddles make an excellent addition to Asian restaurants, buffets, and catered events where rice is served.

    Made of bamboo, this rice paddle has a traditional look and won't scratch or damage your cookware. Its smooth handle ensures a comfortable and sturdy grip. A simple yet effective kitchen hand tool, this 9" bamboo rice paddle makes an excellent addition to any venue serving sushi or rice dishes!

    • Measures 9" long
    • Makes it easier to handle and serve rice
    • Great for scooping rice from rice cookers and warmers
    • Also can be used for stirring vinegar into sushi rice
    • Solid one-piece construction
    • Bamboo construction won't scratch non-stick cookware and can be used for stir fry cooking



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