Hario 2 cup Glass Teapot & Filter

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  • A tea pitcher made of heatproof glass, stainless steel and natural wood, that can be used with a casual and friendly feel.

    A new teapot design from Hario, with beautifully considered combination of stainless steel, heatproof glass and olive wood. Perfect for any kind of looseleaf tea, it will brew enough for 3-4 people.

    • HARIO heat-resistant glass in japan
    • Combination of stainless steel and glass
    • Heatproof glass and olive wood
    • Perfect for any kind of loose leaf tea
    • Will brew enough for 2-3 people
    • Only glass bowl is safe for use with microwaves.
    • Only glass bowl is dishwasher safe.
    • This product is assembled to strict quality control standards in Japan.


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