2oz Cobalt Blue Glass Tincture Bottle with Sprayer

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  • Details
    • Constructed of non-porous and impermeable glass
    • Rounded shoulders and body
    • Narrow neck
    • Offers UV protection for light sensitive products
    • Black polypropylene ribbed fine mist sprayer
    • Clear styrene over cap
    • Recyclable
    • 4.84" (H) x 1.54" (D)

    Select 2 oz blue glass Boston round bottles with black ribbed fine mist sprayers to house various products. Cobalt blue glass bottles in the Boston round style offer high durability and UV protection for light sensitive products and have an impermeable construction not to alter your ingredients. The black fine mist sprayers matched dispense thin liquids in a mist and include clear styrene hoods to prevent unwanted discharge or dust reaching the sprayers while stored. These small blue glass bottles could be used to package fragrances, essential oil sprays, cleaning products, and more.

    • BPA Free
    • FDA Approved
    • Made in the USA


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