Two-Tier Margarita Rimmer

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  • The best part of any margarita is the salt rim that cuts the twangy sweetness of the mix in the most refreshing way. Now, this margarita rimmer makes applying salt to your favorite glass a breeze with two separate tiers for lime juice and salt that fold into one convenient package. Comes in easy-to-clean black plastic. Imported.

    This Two Tier Salt Rimmers accommodate glasses 5" in diameter and small. The top tier includes a sponge which is often soaked with lime juice to moisten the rim before salting. The bottom tier is for your choice of salts or sugars. The growing trend is for bars to carry many of these to accommodate a variety of colorful and flavored salts and sugars. We carry them here in both black and chromed plastic.

    Here's a tip: For an extra dose of rimming sugar or salt and less mess, instead of using the sponge in the top tier, put a little honey in there!


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