Scrappy's Lavender Bitters

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  • From the the originators of lavender bitters. Bright, sweet, yet remarkably well grounded. They captured spring in a bottle and placed the soul of the lavender flower in your glass. 4 ounce.

    Our Scrappy's Lavender bitters are surprisingly subtle and very versatile. They combine floral delicacy with a hint of herbaceous bitterness that doesn't overpower the overall flavor profile of a drink but instead freshen and enrich in a supporting role. We love them in a French 75 or similar sparkling wine cocktail, and they're likewise perfect for any citrus-leaning drink that doesn't already contain a strong herbal or floral element--think gin fizzes, gimlets, vodka sodas with lime. You can also swap in the lavender bitters for the same amount of aromatic-style bitters in an Old-Fashioned or whiskey sour for a fresher and lighter take on those two classics. 

    The Lusty Lady

    2 oz Gin
    1/2 oz lime juice
    1/2 oz simple syrup
    1/2 oz cranberry juice
    1 egg white
    2-3 dashes Scrappy's lavender bitters

    Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously until frothy. Serve up in a coupe glass with bandied cherries or Luxardo cherries if desired.


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