ISI Classic Soda Siphon

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  • Enjoy soda water just like in the good old days!

    Make refreshing, sparkling soda water to quench your thirst or to create highballs and cocktails.

    • Design and elegance for upscale drinking pleasure
    • Decorative lifestyle product in a classic vintage look
    • Handcrafted product with high-quality stainless steel
    • Proven quality from Austria for longevity and reliability
    • Easy and fast preparation of soda water
    • For the perfect result use 1 iSi Soda Charger

    150 years ago Carl Pochtler crafted our first Soda Siphons in Vienna, bringing fizz into our lives and igniting our passion for excellence. Now in the 5th generation of our family business, we reaffirm our values in the iSi spirit of Integrity, Sustainability and Independence, creating inspiring products for a sparkling future.



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