Bar Keeper's Friend, 21oz

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  • This Bar Keepers Friend 21 oz. all purpose cleaning powder is perfect for cleaning a variety of different surfaces.

    • Non-bleach formula
    • Removes rust, lime, and stains
    • Safe on stainless steel and copper

    This cleaning powder removes rust, lime, and stains with incredible ease and efficiency. Thanks to its non-bleach formula, this cleaning and polishing scrub is free of harsh fumes and is even safe for use on stainless steel and copper cookware.

    To use, simply sprinkle this cleaning powder on a surface and gently rub with a wet cloth or sponge, or create a paste to tackle stubborn rust and difficult stains. Then, just rinse away to reveal a clean and shining surface!

    Any commercial establishment that prides itself on proper sanitation practices will benefit from this cleaning powder! Incredibly easy to use, this powder is able to remove even the toughest grease, rust, or lime deposits in just a few simple steps. Although not for use with gold, silver, pewter, marble, lacquered metals, or anodized aluminum, this cleaning powder will work wonders on stainless steel or even copper!


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