Nylon Baster

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  • Details
    • Made of durable, translucent nylon that will hold up under frequent use
    • Use for basting, degreasing, and even batter dispensing
    • Boasts a 1.5 oz. tube capacity with a convenient measurement scale on the side
    • Rubber bulb provides a non-slip grip
    • Makes meats more tender and juicy
    This long turkey baster is made of unbreakable, translucent nylon and comes with a white pump. The nylon turkey syringe has an overall length of 11", and the tube is 7 1/2" long. Use this baster to retrieve succulent juices, marinades, or other sauces to drizzle on top of your oven-roasted meats.

    Incredibly Versatile

    A turkey baster can be used for more than just the obvious. Try using it as an easy way to separate grease from sauce by siphoning the separated oil droplets from the surface. It also works great as a pancake batter dispenser, helping you to form perfect uniform pancakes without burning yourself!

    Measurement Scale

    This turkey baster has a measurement scale on the side. This allows you to give exact measurements for a consistent, delicious product every time.

    Overall Dimensions:
    Length:11 Inches
    Capacity:1.5 oz.


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