French Presses are Perfect for Strong Coffee Lovers

French press is perfect for those us of who, like me, love a good cup of strong coffee to get their day started right. French presses produce a stronger flavored coffee because, unlike paper filters, their metal filter screens do not absorb the coffee bean’s oils. That remaining coffee oil makes your morning brew taste that much more robust and full bodied, and that’s why French press coffee has been a favorite among coffee lovers for a good long time! 

French Presses are from France, Right?

We don’t know exactly how long people have been using French presses, or exactly where they were invented. Given their name though, you’d think it’d be pretty safe to assume they were invented in France right? 

Not so fast!

While it is possible that a rudimentary version may have come from France, the first patent for a coffee press that resembles the ones we use today was actually filed in Italy in 1929. After making several updates and modifications, a Swiss designer named Faliero Bondanini filed an additional patent in 1958 and went on to produce his press in France under the name Chambord. That’s likely why we know this simple, user friendly coffee brewer as a “French” press.

The Classic Chambord:

Some presses are now made with ceramic or stainless steel brewing vessels. The glass Chambord style is a real classic. It’s still the mostly widely known, popular style 60 years later. The Chambord’s glass vessel, metal lid and plunger, and round handle is all synonymous with coffee presses in general. The well-known Danish company Bodum eventually bought the rights to the name and factory. They went on to make it one of the most well recognized home-brewing coffee makers in the world.

User Friendly Coffee:

No matter what the origins of the French Press are, their simplicity and ease of use is their greatest appeal. All these years later, they’re still popular all around the world! They require no disposable filters, no electricity, and no scientific know-how. Just add coarse coffee grounds and hot water, stir, & wait four minutes. Then press down the plunger and pour out a perfect cup of boldly flavored coffee! It couldn’t be any easier!

To see a French press in action and learn more about how easy they are to use, please watch the video tutorial below. 

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