Cardboard Cutter

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  • Anti-Slip Handle with Cross-Guard For Secure Grip And Safer Handling
    • Non-stick coating prevents tapes and adhesives from sticking
    • Serrated Double-Edge blade allows cutting upwards or downwards
    • Excellent maneuverability when cutting cardboard even make clean circular cuts
    • Ideal for cutting packaging plastic straps
    • Fine sawtooth edge prevents blade from getting caught unlike regular utility blades
    • Anti-slip handle with cross-guard allows for easier grip and safer handling
    • Rounded chisel edged tip is ideal for peeling-labels, making shallow cuts, or for scouring cardboards (useful when resizing cardboard boxes)​
    • Size: Blade - 3" / Overall - 7.5"
    • Material:  Blade - Stainless Steel with Teflon Coating (Blade), Plastic (Body)
    • Made in Japan


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