8" Bouillon Strainer

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  • Give your custards, purees, soups, and sauces an ultra-smooth consistency with this Choice 8" stainless steel reinforced bouillon strainer. This strainer features an extra-fine mesh, perfect for keeping seeds, bones, and lumps out of your finished product. The durable stainless steel mesh is designed to last, while the classic conical shape ensures ease of use. Additionally, the strainer is reinforced to provide safety and durability.

    To use, simply hook the strainer onto your pot, container, or bowl's side, using the L-shaped hook opposite the handle, and pour your product into the strainer. The hook will stabilize the strainer, freeing both hands for pressing product through the fine mesh. For easy lifting that keeps hands at a safe distance from heat, the handle guarantees safety with its durable design and ample length. When not straining foods, this strainer is also ideal for dusting pastries with a fine layer of powdered ingredient. Pour the powder in the strainer and lightly shake for a fine dusting!


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