8 1/2" x 12" Quarter Sheet Cooling Rack

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  • Use this handy 8 1/2" x 12" chrome plated footed wire cooling rack / pan grate for quarter size sheet pan for all your cooking, roasting, and broiling needs! Whether you are cooling hot items, draining excess liquids, or using in the oven, this cooling rack has the utmost versatility and is a must have in any kitchen. The footed design of this rack helps to elevate your delicious bake goods, increasing air flow to prevent the absorption of residual steam and the bottoms from getting soggy, while also saving time to cool your items to help bring efficiency to your operation! Additionally, elevating your items from your countertop makes cleanup a breeze and helps to reduce unnecessary messes. Pair your cooling rack with a quarter size sheet pan to allow excess liquids to drain through from recently fried and boiled items or while using in the oven to broil vegetables or bacon. Not only will it keep food from sticking to your sheet pans, but it will raise it out of the grease left behind from cooking!

    Due to its smaller size, this rack is the ideal size for smaller portions. Use it to elevate freshly baked snacks like soft pretzels while coating them with oil, salt and sugar, or to drain fried or boiled foods. As an added bonus, the chrome plated wire construction provides added strength and is freezer, oven, and dishwasher safe. Whether you are draining grease from a fresh batch of mozzarella sticks or cooling your signature pastries, you can't go wrong with this quarter size Choice cooling rack.

    Overall Dimensions:
    Length: 12"
    Width: 8 1/2"


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