Flat Crepe Spreader

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  • Gone are the days of thick, lumpy crêpes with splotches of burned and undercooked dough. Bid adieu to awkwardly tilting the pan while begging the rapidly cooking batter to disperse into a thin circle. Like an artist with a brush in hand, create masterpieces stroke by stroke using a Beechwood Crêpe Spreader for thin, even crêpes. This crêpe spreader can also do double duty as an omelet spreader for picture perfect breakfasts.

    French wood utensils and tools have a rich history and an important place in culinary culture. All our French wood spoons, tools, and spatulas are lovingly hand-crafted and imported from France, and thus are of the highest quality and beauty. Wood utensils will not discolor food, alter taste, conduct heat, or melt.  Thanks to its tight grain and pores, beechwood is resistant to warping and cracking. Cleaning is simple; wash with warm water and allow to air dry.

    • Fresh, clean, smooth, and virtually free of imperfections.
    • Hand cut and sanded by French craftsmen.
    • Stamped with "France" to signify unsurpassed quality.
    • The preferred utensil material of professional chefs such as Julia Child.
    • Non-stick safe.
    • Easy care: wash with warm water and allow to air dry.


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