Crumb Catcher

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  • Details
    • Discreetly and quickly removes crumbs from tabletops
    • Easy to use
    • Classic silver color
    • Includes a convenient pocket clip so you can always be prepared
    • Helps to maintain a clean and welcoming table

    This Choice 6" aluminum pocket crumber helps you keep your tabletops neat and tidy! This crumber has a concave shape to quickly and easily scoop up bread crumbs and other food particles in between table seatings.

    Complete with a pocket clip on the outside surface, you can conveniently attach this useful product to your shirt, apron, or other article of clothing. This ensures it's always handy when you need it most, and its silver finish adds an elegant touch. Be sure to maintain the cleanliness and comfort of your tabletop with this 6" pocket crumber.

    Overall Dimensions
    Length: 6"
    Width: 5/8"


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