Descaler For Coffee and Tea Machines

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    • Non-toxic and safe powder descaler
    • For fast and effective descaling of boilers and heating elements
    • Great for use on faucets, sprayheads, and milk systems
    • Use 1 oz. in 16 oz. of water, or (1) 7 oz. packet in 1 gallon of water

    Keep your coffee equipment operating in top condition by utilizing Urnex 7 oz. Dezcal coffee equipment scale removing powder! Its non-toxic powder formula is ideal for fast and effective descaling of boilers, heating elements, and other areas prone to scale build-up.

    Use this descaler to remove hard water build-up on faucets, or unclog sprayheads and milk systems to help your equipment run more efficiently. This powder comes in a 7 oz. packet so you can mix a gallon of cleaning solution at once or use 1 oz at a time mixed with 16 oz of water, and save the rest of the powder for additional uses.

    - Use 1 oz. per 16 oz. of water, or (1) 7 oz. packet per gallon of water.
    - Stir to dissolve.
    - Hold solution in vessel for up to 30 minutes.
    - Rinse all parts thoroughly.



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