8" Marine Dessert Plate

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  • Since 1954, the Le Picardie® collection, with its beveled curves, has been reinventing our tables!

    These Duralex® dessert plates are suitable for all uses:

    disposed on a white table with a linen table runner and navy blue Le Picardie® glasses for an inviting afternoon snack
    disposed on the everyday table for colorful desserts

    ...Let's let our imaginations run wild!

    The Le Picardie® collection has made numerous film appearances, thanks to its iconic design. These wavy dessert plates are a must-have for French tableware.

    This navy blue plate recalls the blue of the sky and sea, and brings a Mediterranean style to a table setting. This navy-blue color is enhanced by the brilliance of Duralex® tempered glass, and will remain over time as an integral part of the glass.

    Duralex® plates, unclassifiable

    Duralex® glass is renowned for its extreme resistance to mechanical and thermal shock:

    • Duralex® plates are up to 6 times more resistant than conventional glass plates.
    • These dessert plates withstand thermal shock of at least 130°C.
    • Duralex® has pioneered the tempered glass manufacturing process since 1945.
    • Origine France Garantie.


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