Capresso Electric Espresso Machine

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  • Details
    • Stainless-steel lined ThermoBlock heating system with 15 bars of pressure for perfect high-pressure brewed espresso
    • Stainless steel exterior
    • Removable 42-oz water container for easy filling and cleaning
    • Self-locking filter holder with thumbguard for proper fit
    • Dual-function stainless steel filter with patented design for perfect crema
    • Unlimited steam output for perfectly frothed or steamed milk for cappuccinos and lattes
    • Easy-to-use swivel frother for frothing directly in a tall glass or frothing pitcher
    • Separate frothing positions for steamed milk (latte) and frothed milk (cappuccino)
    • Removable cup warming tray
    • Indicator light for “On/Off” and “Ready”
    • Removable drip tray
    • Automatic rinsing cycle for proper temperature with no waiting between brewing espresso and steaming milk

    How Things Work

    The Capresso EC50 portafilter sieves are pressurized, making it easy to achieve excellent crema even if grind size or tamping pressure isn’t perfect.  15 bars of pressure ensure flavor-rich espresso and the dual frother wand provides powerful steam/froth for delicious milk specialties.

    Dual Frother

    For ease of use and high-quality performance, the Dual Frother features a frothing sleeve for cappuccinos and a steam tube, which is under the frothing sleeve, for lattes.

    • Frothing: When the frothing sleeve is placed over the steam tube, hot steam and air are injected into the milk. The air swirls inside the milk creating silky dense froth on top for preparing cappuccinos.
    • Steaming: When the frothing sleeve is removed to reveal the steam tube, only hot steam will be injected into the milk, no airy froth will be produced. This is for preparing lattes.
    • Important: To work properly, the frothing sleeve and steam tube must be completely cleaned after each use to avoid milk deposit build up.

    Auto Rinse

    The EC50’s internal components are automatically rinsed while simultaneously maintaining the proper temperature for brewing and steaming/frothing milk with no waiting between brewing and steaming/frothing milk.

    L-11½" x W-7½" x H-11½"


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