Triple Berry Bubly Soda Flavor Drops

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  • NEW bubly bounce™ drops - a fun way to sparkle your water with a little kick of caffeine! Make your favorite bubly bounce™ sparkling water flavors right at home with SodaStream.


    Adding your bubly bounce™ drops is easy!

    1. Carbonate fresh, cold water with your SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker. Add flavor only after carbonating your water.
    2. Pour the drops into your 1L SodaStream carbonating bottle. We recommend starting with ¾ of a teaspoon of your chosen bubly flavor and then adjusting to your taste. Refridgerate after opening.
    3. Gently shake your carbonating bottle to mix bubly drops.
    4. Enjoy your homemade bubly sparkling water!

    What's inside?

    Each 40ml bubly bounce™ drops bottle makes about 12L* (or 33 cans) of your favorite bubly bounce™ sparkling water.

    Caffeinated unsweetened flavor essence. no calories. no sweeteners. all smiles.

    Contains 19mg caffeine per 12 fl oz. serving

    *when prepared according to instructions.


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