Fleur De Sel De Guérande, 4.4oz

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  • Le Guérandais Fleur de Sel from Guérande is delicately harvested according to traditional methods, from the eyelets on the water's surface by local salt marsh workers. 

    Le Guérandais Fleur de Sel from Guérande is harvested with great care by the Guérande salt workers from the surface of the crystallization ponds, using skills and a mehtod that are over a thousand years old. Fleur de Sel is naturally white, rare, and of an outstanding quality.

    It's crystals are left uncrushed and unwashed.

    The incomaprable flavor of Le Guérandais Fleur de Sel from Guérande is particularly popular with gourmets and chefs.  

    This sea salt is harvested by hand in the salt marshes of Guérande, France

    • Use these naturally white salt crystals for all your recipes for meats, pasta, and roasted vegetables

    Le Guerandais Fleur de Sel Canister is a true culinary treasure carefully harvested from the pristine salt marshes of Guérande, France. Enclosed in a 4.4 oz canister, this exceptional fleur de sel offers a touch of elegance and a burst of flavor to your gourmet creations.

    Le Guerandais Fleur de Sel is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique characteristics. Each delicate crystal is hand-harvested by skilled salt workers, ensuring that only the finest top layer of salt is collected. This meticulous process guarantees a salt of unparalleled purity and exquisite taste.

    Enhance your culinary creations with Le Guerandais Fleur de Sel. Sprinkle it over grilled meats, roasted vegetables, or freshly baked bread to add a subtle crunch and enhance the flavors. Its delicate texture and mineral-rich profile elevate every dish, making it a favorite among discerning chefs and home cooks alike.

    Experience the taste of authenticity with Le Guerandais Fleur de Sel Canister. With its 4.4 oz packaging, you have a generous supply of this culinary gem to elevate your meals and add a touch of sophistication to your table. Embrace the flavors of the renowned Guérande salt marshes and savor the exceptional quality that Le Guerandais Fleur de Sel brings to your culinary endeavors.

    125 gram/4.4 oz Canister



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