1.265oz Natural Food Coloring, set of 3

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  • India Tree Decorating Colors are plant-based food colors made from concentrated vegetable colorants.They are verified non-GMO by the NON GMO Project, and contain no corn syrup, and no artificial colors or synthetic dyes. Use India Tree food coloring to color icing in rich jewel tones or soft pastels. With three food dye colors -- red, yellow and blue--you can create a full spectrum of natural colors.


    Blue: glycerin, deionized water, vegetable juice and spirulina.
    Red: vegetable juice, glycerin, deionized water, turmeric.
    Yellow: glycerin, turmeric and deionized water.

    Naturally colored creamed frosting made with plant based food colors

    Buttercream Frosting

    Add coloring a drop at a time, mixing well after each addition, until you have achieved the desired hue. Keep in mind that the color will deepen a shade or two as it dries.

    The red is beet and appears as hues of pink. Use the beet red to blend with yellow for orange or with blue for purple. If you add a bit of yellow to the beet red the hue will shift from pink to a Christmas Red.


    Naturally colored royal icing made with plant-based food coloring

    Royal Icing

    It is best to begin with a few drops at a time of any color and to stir well after each addition, keeping in mind that the hue will deepen and may shift over time.

    Sprinkle decorations on while icing is still damp and allow to set before stacking decorated cookies for storage.


    Naturally dyed Easter Eggs colored with natural food colors

    Easter Eggs

    Dyeing Easter Eggs with natural dyes means that no artificial dyes will seep into your eggs. The dyeing process requires time, when it comes to eggs, but the resulting colors are soft and natural looking. It's so easy to set up dye baths with the natural colors and leave your eggs to soak for an hour or two. The results are worth the wait!


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