Bialetti 1 cup Espresso Maker Gasket with Filter Plate, set of 3

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  • Continue enjoying your favorite Bialetti stove-top espresso maker with this set of replacement gaskets and filter. This set includes three white rubber replacement gaskets and one filter plate. Designed for use in the Bialetti 1 cup moka express stove-top espresso coffee maker. It is compatible with 1 Cup Moka Express, Break, Dama, Mini Express, and Fiammetta

    Unsure which size gasket you need? 

    Be sure to carefully read the sizing and measuring guide below before you purchase. We cannot provide refunds if you order the incorrect size. 
    Please feel free to call or email us if you have doubts as to which size gasket you need.

    If you don't know or don't remember which size espresso maker you have, choosing the correct size gasket can be confusing. 

    The first thing to consider is that the “Cup” or "Tazza" sizes of stovetop espresso makers are based on the number of 1oz espresso serving sizes each pot produces. For that reason, if you are unsure which cup size espresso maker you have, the easiest and most accurate way to choose a gasket is to measure the outer diameter of the current gasket.

    This model fits a 1 Cup espresso maker
    Gasket Outer Diameter: 2"

    If your gasket fell apart when you removed it, or you already threw it out, you can also determine which size espresso maker you have by measuring the espresso maker itself. For example, a 1 cup Bialetti Moka Express pot measures approximately 3"x4.5".

    Please note that replacement gaskets may be made from a different material than the original, and for that reason new gaskets may fit slightly differently than the one you're replacing, or may require a bit more effort to stretch into place. 


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