Heart Ice Cube Tray

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  • Silicone ice tray, heart shaped cavities.

    Have the best fun with the coolest ice cube tray! Ice cube tray in funny and original shapes. You can give a personal touch to your drinks and it’s also easier to carry! Easy to remove ice cubes thanks to its flexible silicone material.

    • 8.8 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches
    • Hand wash only

    Create heart-shaped ice cubes with this fun ice cube tray with lid. Perfect for a special occasion with your partner, friends or family. An original touch to your drinks that will surprise your loved ones!

    These ice cube trays are made of rubber. They're flexible so it's easy and quick to remove the ice cubes. It's effortless: just press on the ice cube mould!

    It includes a lid that prevents odours from transferring from frozen foods to ice cubes. It also allows you to stack the ice cube trays and other containers, saving storage space. It's stable, so you can move the ice cube tray and position it in the freezer drawers without any water leaks.

    Transform an everyday moment and have fun, even with children. The ice cube trays with lid are perfect to freeze ice cubes made of water to chill any type of drink or create iced teas and iced coffee. For a healthy cold drink, you can prepare flavoured water with fruit and add cubes with fruit pieces, mint leaves, pepper or chamomile flowers. A touch of flavour and a wow effect!

    Recommendations for use: 

    Use these ice cube trays to make ice cubes with water. This prevents contamination from odours and possible damage to the material caused by the acidic components of some foods, such as citrus juices. 

    Wash the product before using for the first time. When washing, do not exceed a temperature of +60ºC, and avoid the use of scourers or abrasive products.



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