Warthog Black Classic II Knife Sharpener

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  • Details
  • Classic Features

    • 3 Adjustable Angles (20, 25 & 30)
    • 325 Grit Natural Diamond Rods
    • Steel Frame Construction
    • Durable Powdercoat Finish
    • Solid Rubber Base
    • Finishing Steels (Included)
    • 1-Year Warranty
    • 9 × 9 × 4 in

    The V-SHARP® CLASSIC II uses two high quality, 325 grit diamond rods that sharpen the blade on both sides simultaneously using calibrated Spring Tension. Ideal for Kitchen, Fillet, Hunting and most other flat-blade knives. This high-quality model has a hand-crafted Steel Frame, Solid Rubber Base and durable Black Powder-coat finish. It provides a very consistent sharpening that is also a fast process. Construction provides for absolute consistency without having to play with how the sharpening blades are angled.

    Sharpening single beveled/single-edged knives:
    The Classic II CAN sharpen a single bevel blade very well, you just need to know how to set the hones.
    Set the Diamond Hone to 20 Degrees to sharpen the bevel, and set the Steel Hone on the other side at 20 degrees to deburr the flat side of the blade with each stroke. Some Japanese knives have a 17 degree angle, but the 20 degree angle still works great on them.
    The V-SHARP® CLASSIC II can also use ceramic hones to sharpen serrated knives and give a superior edge to smooth blade knives.
    Diamond or Ceramic hones are available! The two options are interchangeable and optional for which hones you choose.
    Note: Wooden base not included.
    The plastic Blade Guide will not scratch a blade but after many knives sharpened, you may have steel dust embedded in the guide which will then scratch the blade. The solution is to clean the guide often or even better, place a piece of freezer tape on the side of the blade that touches the guide, then remove it after sharpening.


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