Tsukiji Aritsugu 4.7" High Carbon Petty Knife

SKU: tsu-TA petty high carbon 120mm
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  • This knife is a single-piece steel petty knife that is made of rust-resistant steel. This steel is made of alloy steel with a rust-resistant material added, making it somewhere between steel and stainless steel. It is not easy to rust, but the base is made of alloy steel, so it will rust if left wet. The sharpness is close to that of steel, and the sharpness is incomparable to stainless steel. This is a steel knife that does not rust easily, but please dry it thoroughly after use. Wipe the handle thoroughly as well. If rust appears, there is no problem if you polish it with a cleanser etc. The size depends on the length of the blade.

    Made by Tsukiji Aritsugu in Japan.


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