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  • This kitchen rack holds plates, pots, pans, lids, bakeware, cookie sheets, muffin tins, reusable containers, and more. Designed with easy access and organization in mind, these racks hold items upright and make it easier to grab the pot, pan, dish, or lid you need without disrupting a stack of similar dishes. Can be used either vertically or horizontally to maximize storage space. The clean, angular design adds a modern touch to your kitchen, and the range of stylish finishes will match any kitchen color scheme. The dish rack is weighted enough that it won’t tip when removing items, but it is light enough to move easily around the kitchen. For durability and strength, the kitchen organizer is made of sturdy steel. This rack does more than hold dishes: it can also organize makeup, store binders and notebooks, hold electronics while charging, and prop up reusable bags while drying. The versatile organizer will keep your entire home tidy without sacrificing style. With 2" between rungs, you can store a variety of items to make your home a little more orderly.

    Spectrum Euro Lid Organizer, Plate Rack, Lid Holder, Rounded

    Designed to neatly organize your cookware lids, Spectrum’s Euro Lid Organizer maximizes your cupboard space while managing your cookware clutter. Accommodates up to six lids, it’s also great for storing plates, baking sheets and cutting boards. Made of sturdy steel, this organizer is perfect for those looking for a great space-saving solution in their kitchen cabinets.

    • Accommodates up to six lids
    • Also great for organizing plastic containers, plates, baking sheets and cutting boards
    • Easily fits on shelves inside cupboards
    • Approximately 1-3/4" wide between dividers
    • Sturdy steel construction
    • Overall dimensions: 5"H x 13"W x 5.75"D


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