Kasuya #2 Black Ceramic Pourover

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  • Produced by Tetsu Kasuya, Asia's first winner of the World Brewers Cup in 2016.

    We tend to judge coffee by its color. This black cupping bowl obscures the color so that you can discover what really tastes best, without being swayed by appearances.

    A new coffee brewing theory created with the concept of "easily-brewed delicious coffee for everyone." Divide water into a ratio of 4 to 6. Adjust taste with the first 40% of water and density with the remaining 60%.

    The point is to use coarse grounds and make the second pour after the water from the first pour completely drips through.

    Under the supervision of Kasuya, the conventional rib shape of the V60 dripper has been customized. It slows water down for better extraction of coffee, making it possible to brew stronger coffee even with the same amount of coarse grounds.
    The swirling rib shape on the inside of the cone which controls the flow of water during brewing has been modified to slow down the extraction process. In practice, this means the coffee brews a bit more slowly to produce an unbelievably smooth and nuanced cup of coffee with remarkable consistency. 


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