1.5 lb Pullman Loaf Pan with Lid

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  • Details
    • Ideal for making fine, compact loaves of bread
    • Durable aluminized steel construction built to withstand a busy kitchen environment
    • Designed to create a light, thin crust and perfectly square shape that is ideal for sandwiches
    • Coated with a silicone glaze that helps prevent sticking and offers easy cleanup
    • Included lid provides the option of a perfectly squared Pullman or traditional bread loaf

    Savor the warm aroma of freshly baked bread all the time with the Baker's Mark 1 1/2 lb. glazed aluminized steel Pullman bread loaf pan with sliding cover

    This 13" x 4" x 4" Pullman pan is ideal for making loaves of bread with a fine, compact crumb. This type of bread is generally used for sandwiches as it tends to have a light, thin crust and perfectly square shape. When used with the included sliding cover, this pan creates a perfectly squared Pullman loaf, and without the lid, it makes a standard rounded loaf.


    Ideal Sandwich Loaf

    The cover helps to keep the entire bread loaf contained and prevents it from expanding freely, producing a very uniform loaf with a straight, flat top and sides with perfectly square corners. The slight constraining of the baking loaf also prevents the formation of a crown as well as bubbling, leaving a fine, tight crumb ideal for slicing. The buildup of moisture from trapped steam allows the bread to form a perfect crust for a classic and tasty slice of bread.

    Sturdy Construction

    The Pullman bread pan and lid are made of durable aluminized steel for long-lasting use in any commercial kitchen. Its sturdy aluminized steel construction provides excellent heat conduction and features a silicone glaze for easier release and minimum oil application.

    Versatile Design

    Conveniently paired together, whether you are making a traditional loaf or a Pullman loaf with use of the lid, this Pullman pan is the perfect tool to get the job done. Pullman pans are also great for baking pain de mie, a soft white or brown bread intended for slicing, which is similar to regular sandwich bread.


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