4.6oz Glass Ramekin

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  • The Ovenchef ramekin, practical and elegant, reinvents our tables! The 8.5 cm Duralex® ramekin is suitable for all uses: to present a hot casserole as a starter, to enjoy an individual piece of chocolate fondant, for delicious casserole eggs …Let your imagination run wild!

    The Duralex® glass ramekin is practical and versatile, it goes from the oven to the dishwasher and even for tasting! This small container with a refined design can both be used in everyday life and prepared for special occasions. This transparent ramekin reveals the colors of your prettiest creations and enhances them with the shine of Duralex® tempered glass.

    Duralex® ramekins, unclassifiable.
    Duralex® glass is recognized for its extreme resistance to mechanical and thermal shock: The Duralex® ramekin is up to 6 times more resistant than a classic ramekin. These ramekins are resistant to thermal shock of at least 130°C. Duralex® has been the pioneer of the tempered glass manufacturing process since 1945. Guaranteed French origin.


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