14oz Wilton Royal Icing

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  • Wilton Ready to Use Stiff Consistency Royal Icing, White, 14 oz.

    Decorate, outline and flood your roll-out sugar cookies with this Wilton Ready-to-Use White Royal Icing. Also great for piping flowers and other decorations, this royal icing tub makes piping easy and fun. Stiff consistency royal icing is ideal for piping 3-D decorations, such as leaves, flowers, and lettering. It's also great for outlining designs on cookies. You can add powdered sugar to this icing for a thicker consistency (for piping roses or stand-up petals) or add water to thin it out (for flooding in cookie designs). The bright white color means it's easy to tint to your desired shade using gel icing colors. Royal icing also dries hard, making this a great option if you're planning to stack or gift your cookies.
    • Decorate cookies, pipe decorations and more with this Wilton stiff consistency white royal icing
    • Great for using on roll-out sugar cookie dough or gingerbread
    • Can also be used to pipe decorations such as flowers, leaves, dots and more
    • Icing dries hard so cookies can be stacked and gifted with ease; allow cookies to dry up to 8 to 10 hours before packaging
    • Royal icing is easy to color using gel icing colors; can also be thickened (with powdered sugar) or thinned (with water) for flooding
    • 14 ounces


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