10" Deep Salad Bowl

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  • This acacia hardwood round calabash 4" deep salad bowl is an attractive yet functional way to serve meals at your family get-togethers or dinner parties.

    These handcrafted Acaciaware® serveware products beautifully accent any dinner table or outdoors setting and complement a diverse array of foods such as salads and pastas. Whether you want to fill up your bowl with popcorn for movie night or serve some fresh vegetable recipes, your Acaciaware® bowl has you covered!

    Despite its beauty, Acaciaware® is durable, low-maintenance and easy to care for—just hand-wash with warm soapy water and air-dry it between meals. As with any natural wood product, do not use it in a microwave or a dishwasher!

    Acaciaware™ is made from acacia wood which is a hard wood with a tight grain. This superior material makes our wooden serving bowls resistant to water penetration, stains, and odors.

    Completely food-safe for both hot and cold appetizers or entrees. A food-safe finish makes our acacia wooden bowls more durable and long-lasting than bamboo bowls, or other glued and pieced-together woodenware that can fall apart with use or run through the dishwasher by accident.

    Acaciaware™ is responsibly forested with care. 'Responsibly forested' means that our wood is harvested in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

    10" x 4"
    Bowl only, salad servers not included. 


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