Half Sheet Silicone Baking Mat For Cookies

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  • King Arthur Baking Company's Silicone Cookie Mat spaces, places, and bakes cookies without their edges touching and resulting in misshaped cookies. Its non-stick surface releases baked goods quickly without them tearing or crumbling. Permanent size markings, that will never wear off or fade away, take the guesswork out of spacing and placing scoops of cookie dough. Simply lay the Cookie Mat, logo facing up, on a counter or table. Place 1-teaspoon scoops of dough on the smallest polka dot for small cookies, 1-tablespoon scoops on the medium dot for medium cookies, and 3-tablespoon scoops on the largest dot for large cookies. Use the border guides for sheets of dough (up to 11 x 16-inches). It's also great for shaping breads, buns, braids, fondant, chocolate, and more. 

    • Made from silicone and natural glass fibers
    • Strong, durable, heat safe to 500-degrees Fahrenheit
    • Measures 16.5 x 11.5-inches, 0.4-millimeters thick
    • Non-stick surface releases baked goods without them tearing or crumbling
    • Permanent size markings won't wear off or fade away
    • Space dough scoops with the polka dot marks for teaspoon, tablespoon, or 3-tablespoon
    • Use border marks for strips or sheets (up to 11 x 16-inches)
    • Fits U.S. half-sheet (13 x 18-inch) baking pan perfectly
    • Lays flat or rolls for storage
    • Do not cut on the mat with metal blades
    • Use only plastic utensils or cutters and press gently to prevent scoring the mat
    • Avoid direct heat, like stovetops or hot plates.
    • Dishwasher safe.


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