11.75x16" Plastic Sink Protector

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  • Protect sinks and dishes with a little extra style. The HEXA Large Sink Mat from Spectrum Diversified combines the durable protection you expect from a sink mat with the style you want for your kitchen. The modern hexagon design offers more than style; the open hexagons allow water to drain easily while the utilitarian shape holds all your dishes above the sink’s surface. Raised feet encourage allow water and airflow for quick draining and full drying between washes, minimizing bacteria and mold growth. The non-slip sink mat grips dishes to minimize accidents, and the soft-touch surface will absorb shock even if they do. The durable plastic supports the weight of dishes, and the non-slip rubberized surface melds with the plastic to eliminate peeling or cracking. The thick material absorbs shock from dishes to protect your sink from dings and scratches—and it protects dishes and glassware from cracking or breaking. The soft-touch surface protects dishes from chips, scratches, and cracks. The hexagon design allows water to flow through the mat easily.

    • Made of plastic.
    • Do not place in the dishwasher.
    • 16" L X 11.75" W X 0.5" H



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