Slotted Olive Wood Spurtle

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  • RSVP International’s dependable and durable 2.5x12-inch Slotted Spurtle, is a versatile kitchen tool crafted from Italian-sourced olive wood. Boasting a distinct and attractive appearance, this spurtle ensures a safe and effective tool for non-stick cookware. Designed for mixing, whisking, and straining, it excels in tasks such as making stir-fry, scrambled eggs, separating egg yolks from whites, and straining pasta or steamed vegetables. The slight curve and tapered thin tip make flipping foods a breeze.

    We take pride in responsibly sourcing Italian olive wood, contributing to the conservation of this exquisite natural resource known for its unique grain patterns, warm tones, and smooth texture. For maintenance, hand wash with mild soap and water, ensuring complete drying after each use. Keep the olive wood handle conditioned by periodically applying a small amount of mineral oil using a lint-free cloth.

    Originating in 15th-century Scotland, spurtles have become a staple in the American kitchen. Our Slotted Spurtle continues to adapt to the needs of today's cooks, offering a unique and valuable addition to any kitchen.


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