InAlto Uno Stemless Crystal Wine Glass

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  • This glass is part of UNO, the first series of the inAlto project, an iconic collection born in 2014. Designed by Aldo Cibicha, it has defined the new aesthetic and quality parameters of Bormioli Rocco's offer dedicated to haute cuisine: the brilliance, the strength, lightness and stability.

    This model, with a delicately rounded base, is ideal for the service of aperitifs "on the rocks" with high alcohol content, such as Americano or Negroni.

    A very uniform and linear rim is achieved by using a laser beam (rim cutting). T

    44.5 cl - 15 oz
    h 102.5 mm - 4"
    Ø 91 mm - 3 1/2"


    Flat Base

    Flat base guarantees:

    • maximum stability on the table
    • Perfect drying (with no lime sediments and impurities)

    Star Glass

    Lead free crystal glass in the exclusive "Star Glass" composition, is characterized by:

    • Purity of the raw material
    • Clarity and brightness of the products

    "Star Glass" does not alter the color, smell or taste of the wine. Shapes molded with expertise, Star Glass creates high end beautiful recyclable products.

    XLT Treatment

    The XLT treatment on the surface of the stems ensures Bormioli Rocco stemware resistance to the most frequent causes of breakage (washing, twisting, etc.).

    XLT protects the stem from abrasion and maintains its sturdiness over time.

    Laboratory tests confirm the constant level of protection even after repeated dishwasher cycles.


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