Bendable Metal Straws, set of 4

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    • Turtleneck Straws, the World's only all-metal bendable drinking straws, flex more than 90-degrees to enjoy beverages standing, sitting, or reclining
    • Made from stainless steel; reusable, sturdy, durable, won't rust, stain, break, or melt; set of 4 straws and 1 cleaning brush; US patent pending
    • Super flexible straw neck and rounded edges for a safe, pleasant drinking experience; other metal straws remain fixed in a straight or curved position
    • Long straw with wide tube opening (8.66-inches long x 0.35-inch diameter) is ideal for soft drink bottles, frozen cocktails, smoothies, and milkshakes
    • Reusable for less plastic use; wide opening flows water freely for a thorough clean; lab certified to be fully clean after hand or dishwasher washing


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