E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pad

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    • Includes one (1) 4" x 6.75" Window Dynamo
    • Dual Sided pad is perfect for touch ups on windows and for cleaning small glass and mirror surfaces.
    • Window Cloth side (light green) has a waffle weave construction that is perfect for trapping dirt particles and cleaning surfaces
    • Glass and Polishing Cloth side (dark green) leave a lint free, streak free, smear free clean
    • True Chemical Free Cleaning - Removes light grease, grime, and finger marks and over 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces using just water
    • Creates a streak-free, smear-free, lint-free finish to all glass and shiny surfaces
    • Chemical free cleaning of all glass (except on electronic devices) using just water
    • Guaranteed for 300 machine washings

    Where to Use:  window cleaning, mirror cleaning, stainless steel, chrome, granite, marble and all other shiny surfaces

    Superior cleaning of all glass (for electronic devices, please use the Personal Electronics Cloth). Use this cloth to clean all your glass surfaces and add a final polishing touch to most hard surfaces. e-cloths give a fantastic chemical-free clean using just water and a cloth. If you take care of them they will last for years. e-cloths work so well that you will get a lint-free, smear-free clean with just water.  Window cleaning and mirror cleaning with a Window Dynamo requires less effort yet provides a more thorough clean.

    80% polyester / 20% polyamide.

    Made in Indonesia


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