Grilling Season is Finally Here! Get cooking with a Charcoal Chimney from Whisk

It looks like it’s safe to say that Summer is finally here! That means it’s officially grilling season and we are thrilled!

We’re big fans of charcoal grilling for the best smoky, outdoor flavor, but we know that it can be a pain in the butt to get your charcoal lit without dousing it with lighter fluid and ruining that woodsy flavor.

To solve this challenge, we looked to one of our favorite magazines. According to a grilling gadgets article from Cooks Illustrated,

“Chimney starters eliminate the need for lighter fluid, which some of our more sensitive tasters swear they can taste residually on the grilled food… A chimney starter is cylindrical with an attached heatsafe handle. It resembles a huge beer mug. Inside the cylinder, just a few inches up from the bottom, a perforated metal plate separates the large upper chamber from the small lower chamber. Different models of chimney starters show very little variation. Some have wooden handles, some have plastic handles, but all do just about the same thing…
Expect to pay between $15 and $30 for a chimney starter—a very modest investment for such a useful tool.”

To use a charcoal chimney, simply stuff ripped, crumpled newspaper or brown paper bags into the bottom chamber. Then fill the upper chamber with charcoal. When you light the paper, the design of the chimney will pull the flames up through the charcoal. In about 15 minutes it’ll be ready to use. It really is that simple!

Whisk’s favorite chimney starter from Fox Run is only $20!

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