Cloth & Bristle 4 piece All Natural Cleanser Kit

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  • Cloth + Bristle Wipe Out Kit

    Wipe down your appliances, surfaces and just about anything with this kit including our newest cleaner, All The Things!

    What is included:

    • 1x All The Things Cleanser (see below)
    • 2x Microfiber Cloths
    • 1x Sponge

    All The Things, can really do All The Things.

    Introducing sister of No. 001, our all daily household cleaner: All The Things. 5 ingredients but countless uses. Chemical free cleaning that does better than just work.

    For daily use in all areas of your home: kitchen, bathroom, appliances, surfaces.

    Tested & performed A+ on: glass, mirrors, porcelain, hardwood, granite, marble, metal, natural stone, porcelain, plastic and grout.

    INGREDIENTS: Water, Clay (phyllosilicates; hydrated silicates of aluminum), Xanthan gum, Essential oil, Citric Acid


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