Japanese Julienne Peeler

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  • An all-stainless steel peeler that can cut vegetables into thin strips of about 3 mm.

    You can easily prepare vegetables without the need for a knife or cutting board. Just by sliding it across the food, the vertical blades will dig into the food and cut the vegetables into thin pieces.
    The vegetables will gradually become shredded as if you were chopping them with a knife.

    *For right-handed users only

    Made in Japan

    Approximately 210×26×18mm


    stainless steel cutlery


    18-8 stainless steel

    safety case

    Polypropylene (heat resistant temperature 90℃)

    The vertical blade bites and cuts vegetables.

    After the raised skewer blades bite into the surface of the vegetables, the slicing blades cut the vegetables.

    You can easily make "one more dish"

    Hard ingredients such as carrots can also be shredded, making it useful for making side dishes. In addition, you can create a uniform thickness, which is difficult to do with a knife, which improves the finish of your dishes.

    Okinawan local cuisine carrot shirishiri
    French home-cooked carrot lape
    Daikon salad with a delicious crunchy texture

    Comes with a safety case for safe storage

    It has a sharp blade and comes with a safe case for safe storage.


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