Whisk White Wine Glass

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  • Details
    • Crystal clear glass enhances presentation of wine
    • Slender yet sturdy stem
    • Perfect for serving either red or white wines
    • Footed design is expertly balanced to rest on trays or tables
    • Features an attractive bowl that releases aromas and flavors

    This versatile wine glass allows room for swirling while remaining relatively narrow at the top, making it suitable for any kind of wine. Its elegant style is ideal for entertaining. The crystal-clear glass allows for complete content visibility so you can showcase your delicious red and white wines for a quality presentation. 

    The unique design of the bowl allows this glass to accommodate both red and white wines. With the ideal amount of exposure, the rich flavors and aromas are enhanced appropriately for whichever type of wine your guest prefers.

    Rolled Rim

    The smooth rolled rim increases the glass's chip resistance to ensure safety.

    Sturdy Base

    This wine glass easily remains upright on trays, tabletops, and counters thanks to its balanced construction.

    Thick Stem

    The thick stem provides an easy grip and minimizes the possibility of breakage.



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