4.75" Mineral B Carbon Steel Egg Pan

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  • MINERAL B Carbon Steel Egg & Pancake Pan

    Our classic MINERAL B Carbon Steel Egg & Pancake Pan, now offered in a larger size - the 5" pan! Made of 99% iron and 1% carbon, carbon steel is the oldest and most natural cooking material that is praised by professional chefs and home cooks around the world. Use this MINERAL B Egg & Pancake pan with a naturally nonstick surface to make a variety of breakfast, brunch, and lunch creations.
    Make the perfect stack of fluffy pancakes to impress your brunch guests, fry up two eggs, make a perfect breakfast sandwich, or scramble some eggs for one with the 6" MINERAL B Carbon Steel Egg & Pancake Pan. No more misshapen egg bits hanging out of your sandwich with every bite!

    Body: Iron 99%, Carbon 1%
    Handle: Epoxy Coated Steel Handle
    Finish: Beeswax Coating
    Handle Fixing: Riveted

    Diameter: 6"
    Thickness: 2mm
    Weight: 1lbs

    Seasoning Required: YES
    Heat Source: Gas, Induction, Electric, Oven (Max 400F for 10min)


    Seasoning required before use.

    • Wash off the beeswax coating
    • Season the pan 1-2 times, then start cooking with it
    • Handwash only using a scrubby brush with water and gentle dish soap
    • NOT dishwasher safe
    • Dry thoroughly by placing back on the stove to evaporate remaining moisture
    • Safe for flash oven use (Max 400F up to 10min)
    • Induction-ready


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